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Dehydrated Garlic Powder / Granular

Garlic is also known under the scientific name allium sativum and it is related to other intensely flavored aliments, such as onion. As both a spice and a healing element, garlic used to be one of the staples in the Galen culture. Garlic is used for its bulb, which contains an intensely flavored essence. Garlic has various nutrients, such as C and B vitamins, which help the organism to digest well, quick, calm pains, accelerate the metabolism and tone the body. Garlic is better to be consumed fresh, but garlic flakes also keep these valuable nutrients that generally provide good health for the organism. Fresh garlic is cut into large pieces, washed, sorted, sliced, and then dehydrated. After dehydrating, the product is selected, grinded and screened, gone through magnets and metal detector, packed, and tested for physical, chemical and micro qualities before ready to ship.

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Garlic flakes are used in various recipes, such as soups, sauces, stews or as a seasoning for meat dishes. Basically, garlic flakes are used instead of garlic, in meals which require only the same flavor, but not the same texture as the one belonging to the fresh garlic.



Item Quality Standard
Appearance Free flowing granules
Color Light to dark yellow
Flavor/Aroma Pungent, typical of dehydrated garlic
Particle Size On #35:     5% maxThrough #90:    6% max
Normal Bulk Index 120-140ml/100g
Moisture 6.5% max
Hot Water Insoluble 12.5% max
TPC 500,000 cfu/g max
Coliforms 500MPN/g max
E.Coli 3MPN/g max
Mold/Yeast 500/g max
Salmonella Negative in 25g
Staph Aureus 10/g max
C. Perfringens 100/g,Max


All primary contact materials are food grade and traceable.
Product can be packed in kraft paper bag, strong corrugated carton or as per customer’s requirement.

24 months unopened stored in a cool and dry atmosphere prior to, temperature- 50 degrees F to 70 degrees F, relative humidity -70% max.



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