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Hydrolyzed Marine Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish Collagen peptides are a versatile source of protein and an important element of healthy nutrition. Their nutritional and physiological properties promote the health of bones and joints, and contribute to beautiful skin.

Origin: Cod, Sea bream, Shark

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1)Anti-Aging: Since fish collagen is a type I collagen and type I collagen is what our skin consists of, it’s not surprising that it can benefit the skin. It helps prevent and improve any signs of skin aging. Possible skin benefits of consuming this collagen include improved smoothness, better moisture retention, increased suppleness and prevention of deep wrinkle formation.
2)Bone Healing and Regeneration: Fish collagen has recently shown its ability to increase the body’s own natural collagen production. In the past, studies have demonstrated that collagen peptides from fish skin might have a positive effect on bone health by increasing bone mineral density and exerting anti-inflammatory activity on osteoarthritis.
3)Wound Healing: Fish collagen might help your next scrape, scratch or more serious wound to heal better and faster. The ability of a wound to heal is ultimately based on collagen, which is essential to wound healing because it helps the body form new tissue.
4)Antibacterial Abilities: This recent study found that collagencin completely inhibited the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, more commonly known as staph or staph infection. Staph is a very serious, highly contagious infection caused by bacteria commonly found on the skin or in the nose. For the future, marine collagens look like a promising source of antimicrobial peptides, which could improve both human health as well as food safety.
5)Increased Protein Intake: By consuming fish collagen, you don’t just get collagen — you get everything that collagen contains. By increasing your protein intake through consuming collagen, you can improve your workouts, avoid muscle loss (and prevent sarcopenia) and have a better recovery post-workout. More collagen protein in your diet also always helps with weight management.


1)Food. Health food, dietary supplements and food additives.
2)Cosmetic. It is used in cosmetic industry as a potential remedy to reduce the effects of skin aging.



Smell and Taste With the produce unique smell and taste Complies
Organization Form Uniform powder, soft, no caking Complies
Appearance White or Light yellow powder Complies
Impurity No visible exogenous impurity Complies
Stacking Density (g/cm³) / 0.36
Protein (g/cm³) 90.0 98.02
Hyp (%) 5.0 5.76
pH Value (10% aqueous solution) 5.5-7.5 6.13
Moisture (%) 7.0 4.88
Ash (%) 2.0 0.71
Average Molecular 1000 1000
Lead 0.50 Not Detected
Arsenic 0.50 Pass
Mercury 0.10 Not Detected
Chromium 2.00 Pass
Cadmium 0.10 Not Detected
Total Bacterias (CFU/g) 1000 Complies
Coliform Group (MPN/g) 3 Not Detected
Moulds and Yeast (CFU/g) 25 Not Detected
Harmful Bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, Staphylococcus Aureus) Negative Not Detected


Packaging: 25kg/drum

Storage: Keep in dry, cool and dark place at temperatur ebelow 25°C and
relative humidity below 50%

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