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Food Grade Soya Lecithin Liquid

Soya Lecithin Is made from Non GMO Soya beans & is a Light yellow powder or waxy according to purity. It is used for its wide functional and Nutritional properties. It consists of three types of phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphotidylinositol (PI).

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Transparent tawny viscous liquid, Brown fluid soy lecithin.
It has good solubility, soluble in water and oil .


Item Quality Standard
Appearance Light brown to yellow, viscous liquid without foreign particles.
Taste/odour Tasteless, Predominantly Soya
Acetone Insoluble 62% Minimum
Hexane Insoluble 0.3% Maximum
Moisture 1.0% Maximum
Acid Value 30 KOH/g Maximum
Peroxide Value 5.0 meq/kg Maximum
Color (Gardner) 12 Maximum
Viscosity(at 250C Brookfield) 60-140 Poise Maximum
Heavy Metals (Lead Pb) 100 ppb Maximum
Heavy Metals (Arsenic As) 10 ppb Maximum
Total plate count 1000 cfu/gm Maximum
Enterobacteriacae Negative in 1 gm
Coli form Absent
E-Coli Negative in 1 gm
Yeast & Moulds 100 cfu/gm Maximum
Salmonella Absent in 25 gm


Edible Modified or Improved Soya lecithin has a good properties based on a chemical reaction that it can change its molecular structure. Being its good hydrophilic ,the soya lecithin is widely used in the field of beverage ,baking, puffed food as well as quik-frozen food served as emulsifier, remover/ Lecithin Mold Release, reducing viscosity agent, setting agent application.
Food additive, food ingredient, bakery foods, biscuits, ice-cone, cheese, dairy products, confectionary, instant foods, beverage, margarine; animal feed, Aqua feed: leather fatliquor, paint & coating, explosie, ink, fertilizer, cosmetic and so on.
Emulsifier, Nutrition, Lubricant, Thickener.



20 kgs/plastic drum,200 kgs/iron drum or according to customer special need.

Store in cool, dry area free from toxic chemicals, odors,insects and rodent infestation, away from fire source.

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